JULY 2023

CF News

'Electric Wonderland' recording session has officially begun!

We started the session with a song '1994' which has been included on our recently released original mini-album '2023 Demos'. So far, we have finished recording what we call 'Basic Track' that includes a main instrument track (electric piano in this case) and drum tracks with guide vocal.  Many more things to come... We'll keep adding new photos and videos of the session, so follow 'Electric Wonderland' project!

Let us remind you that our latest original mini-album '2023 Demos' is like an official bootleg album for 'Electric Wonderland' - re-record our unreleased original album 'Wonderland' (2009-2011) that includes 5 award-winning songs.

In the meantime, you can enjoy our new music video 'Rainbow Trees' (Multitracked Demo) from '2023 Demos'...!

Love & Peace

Clockwork Flowers

DAY 1: Recording electric piano for a song '1994' for a forthcoming original album

'Electric Wonderland' at Great Bliss Studio, 24th June 2023