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We've been preparing and rehearsing 'Here We Go Round Avebury' and 'Good Morning, Lord Kitchener' for our forthcoming original album 'Electric Wonderland' for nearly 3 weeks, however we had to stop everything since John had horrible lower back pain again (he's got Lumbar Disc Herniation (LDH) and he broke his tailbone some years ago…both happened due to rather inhumane construction jobs he did for some years), so he had to have a rest for a week as he had numbness in his left leg and he couldn't walk properly. After he had a dozen of jabs and strong pain killers and so on…he feels a bit better now. So, we carried on…we're so happy that we start working on 'Here We Go Round Avebury' and 'Good Morning, Lord Kitchener'!

Also, we've been searching those sound samples and sound effects we used for original 'Wonderland' (2009-2011) but it's really difficult find them all after more than a decade! We've found some but we still have to think something alternative. We are amazed that how those rather unusual songs were made and recorded with such a limited recording equipment in a very limited environment…initially, we didn't even have a proper audio interface!…and those two songs were awarded at Mike Pinder's (with Denny Laine) Songwars songwriting competition in 2010 and 2011. Anyway, we'll record guide vocals for both songs tomorrow and already booked a studio for recording Anthea’s drums…STAY TUNED!!

In the meantime, we'll keep adding new photos and videos of the session, so follow 'Electric Wonderland' project!

Lastly, let us remind you that our latest original mini-album '2023 Demos' is like an official bootleg album for 'Electric Wonderland' - re-record our unreleased original album 'Wonderland' (2009-2011) that includes 5 award-winning songs. You can enjoy our new music video 'Rainbow Trees' (Multitracked Demo) from '2023 Demos'...!

Love & Peace

Clockwork Flowers

DAY 25: Recording Mellotron (flute) track for a song 'Good Morning, Lord Kitchener'

for a forthcoming original album 'Electric Wonderland'

at Great Bliss Studio, 8th September 2023