After having spent nearly 4 years on 'Colours' project (2015-2019) that includes those hidden/forgotten songs John Bliss wrote back in the 1980s, we simply wanted to make a new album with new materials as John kept writing new songs in the meantime. So, we started this 'Assorted Gemstones' project - our 10th original album (including 3 unreleased albums)  on New Year's Day 2020 by recording simple acoustic demos of new songs.

In the beginning of 'Assorted Gemstones' recording sessions, we were still using our old recording systems (MacBook Leopard 2006 and Focusrite Saffire - White Face 2005) and the systems were soon (not too soon) to be replaced by iMac 2017 (Mojave) and Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre. So we had to spend lots of time for setting up new recording systems including new DAW and all the plugins and so on during the recording sessions. Also, the rehearsal studio just across the street from our flat (Great Bliss Studio) that we had been using for 12 years since we arrived here in Tokyo from the Himalayas suddenly closed down due to Covid-19 pandemic in the middle of the recording sessions. So again, we had to stop everything for a while as Tokyo entered a Covid-19 lockdown period… in the meantime, we had to find another rehearsal studio where we can carry on rehearsing/recording drums and so on. In this chaotic situation, we released the 1st single 'Whatever The Weather' from the album along with a music video on 7th July 2020.

While we're upgrading everything around studio equipment including musical instruments, recording equipment and computer related stuff, we kept recording songs for the album. We released other 3 singles 'Sour Grapes' (December 2020), 'Holding On To You' (June 2021) and 'When The Sun Turns Blue' (December 2021) along with music videos from the album. Every song has different sound and flavour or style as we recorded in different situations. We also recorded songs written in the Himalayas around the year 2000 like 'White Lotus Flower', ‘Pink Lotus Flower' and 'Goodbye From The Sky'. The album may sound sort of 'Assorted' but they're 'Gems' in their own way… Enjoy 'Assorted Gemstones'!

Assorted Gemstones

1. Holding On To You

2. Sour Grapes

3. Whatever The Weather

4. The Show Must Go On

5. White Lotus Flower

6. Trying To Survive

7. Goodbye From The Sky

8. Pink Lotus Flower

9. The Truth (Beneath The Mask)

10. When The Sun Turns Blue

11. Happiness

1st Single

2nd Single

3rd Single

4th Single

Assorted Gemstones


Music & words by John Bliss

Recorded & mixed at Great Bliss Studio, Tokyo 2020-2022

Produced & engineered by John Bliss

Artwork by Anthea Bliss

John Bliss performs vocals, guitars, keyboards and bass

Anthea Bliss performs drums and percussion

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and all the most popular download and streaming sites on December 23rd 2022!